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PRO Authorization
Pro authorization is focused with the management of electronic waste recycling. Producers must abide by the CPCB's policies.
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    Overview of PRO (Producers Responsibility Organization) Authorization

    The CPCB implemented the PRO (Producers Responsibilities Organization) regulation (Central Pollution Control Board). As we all know, the growing consumption of durable goods throughout the years is the key source of concern that contributes to environmental deterioration. As a result, waste management is a major source of concern for policymakers.

    The rules are linked and based on the EPR concept (Extended producers responsibilities). This holds manufacturers accountable for the environmental effects of their products throughout their lives. In India, the PRO (Producers Responsibilities Organization) philosophy is characterised as E-waste management. Importers, brand owners, and producers should be liable for collecting E-waste, according to E-waste management legislation. PRO will take responsibility for e-waste generated in India and will play a vital role in collecting e-waste and handing it over to E-waste Recyclers, as well as ensuring postcompletion and annual compliance of PIBO’s.

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      What are PRO's functions? (Producers Responsibility Organization)

      The Producers Responsibility Organization assists producers with the following tasks, which are listed below:

      • Supports in the planning of logistics
      • To support in reaching the collection goal.
      • Supports in regaining control of the implementation.
      • Support in the establishment of a trash collection technique.
      • Supports producers in filing quarterly and annual returns.
      • Mentoring on the producer's accountability plan.

      Government Regulations Regarding Organizational Producer Responsibility (PRO)

      Given The two sectors that defined the concept of PRO in India are as follows:

      • E-Waste Management
      • Plastic waste management

      Plastic waste management regulations, 2016 and E-waste management rules, 2016 both require producers to collect plastic and electronic product trash. As a result, a system to collect waste generated by the products is required.

      Producers Responsibility Organization's Capability (PRO)

      Both the agency and the producer offer information about their waste processing, storage capacity, waste material collection, and recyclers with whom they are working to dispose of such trash. To reach collection targets, a producer or an agency must be skilled in channelling plastics and excrement.

      What are a Recycler's responsibilities?

      • That somebody interested in recycling or intending to recycle or process E Waste and plastic garbage must register with the State Pollution Control Board and Pollution Control Committee.
      • It should be the recycler's obligation to ensure effective trash management
      • To prevent environmental contamination, recyclers should utilise pollution control devices.
      • Every year, those involved in recycling or processing plastic garbage shall submit an annual report to the relevant local body, informing the state pollution control board or pollution committee.
      • In terms of application verification, the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) is the sole authority to investigate, inspect, verify, and decide on the application. CPCB typically responds within 30 days
      • The registration must be renewed at least 60 days before its expiration date. The registration under the E-waste management laws is valid for three years.

      How does PRO manage e-waste?

      The challenge of eliminating E-waste in India is urgent, and everyone must be aware of it and make a commitment to eliminate the pollution caused by e-waste. The Indian government has begun efforts to reduce e-waste output. As a result, PRO was introduced (Producers Responsibility Organization).

      The role of PRO is to assist producers in meeting their legal obligations by attaining E-waste collection targets, establishing E-waste collection facilities, and implementing E-waste collection awareness programmes. Agreements have been struck between the PRO and the producers, or with a consortium of producers, outlining the PRO’s role and duty for EPR management. E-waste in India is being driven up by producers, importers, and brand owners (PIBOs). Every year, producers, importers, and brand owners generate massive amounts of e-waste in India. Seelampur is one of the major e-waste markets, with almost 50,000 people living off of the city’s e-waste.

      Documents required for the registration of the PRO Authorization

      • GST Certificate
      • Details of the Items in excel sheet
      • Pan card of the company
      • Proprietor or authorized signatory KYC
      • Rent/Lease/proof of ownership of the site

      Register for PRO Authorization

      For the registration of PRO for both plastic and electronic waste management, an application form must be filed to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Unfortunately, the standards for E-waste management do not specify a minimum criteria for PRO registration. Yet, the following conditions are stated in plastic waste management policies. Contact Corpbiz right away for thorough assistance with the PRO registration process.

      How can Lockene help you?

      • Work on all documentation
      • Follow-up with the CPCB on a regular basis
      • Support from beginning to end
      • Complete support with the PRO registration process



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