Eco-mark is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as a certification mark for the products which are ecologically safe conforming to the standards prescribed by the BIS. The scheme first saw its application in 1991. It is voluntary in nature and helps in identifying eco-friendly products in the market. The mark is being issued in around 16 categories like food, medicines, chemicals, electronic goods, paper, lubricating oils, packing materials etc. The Eco-mark scheme falls under the ambit of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

The objective of the Eco-mark scheme: –

Encourage all citizens to use and buy products which are environment-friendly

Reward and promote genuine initiatives by companies to reduce the adverse environmental impact on their products.

Provide incentive for manufacturers and importers to control the ill effects of their products on the environment

Improve the overall quality of the environment and promote sustainable management of resources in India.

Criteria for awarding Eco-mark:

For certification under ECOMARK scheme the manufacture shall apply testing of products which fall under the notified categories along with fee set by BIS. The testing and certification shall be carried out by BIS. The label shall be awarded for a minimum period of one year and shall roll forward annually.

parameters to be considered for determining product for ECOMARK is as follows:

Production process including source of raw material.

    • Case of natural resources.
    • Likely impact on the environment.
    • Energy conservation in the production of product.
    • Effect and extent of waste arising from the production process.
    • Disposal of the product and its containers.
    • Utilization as ‘waste’ and recycled materials.
    • Suitability for recycling or packaging.
    • Biodegradability.

Processing Time: The complete certification procedure usually takes  25 Days. Our team of professional assist you on each and every step to get it done without any hustle within estimated time frame.