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Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY) has notified “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012″on 3 Oct 2012 for electronics items. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) then registers the manufacturers under its registration scheme who are permitted to declare that their articles conform to the Indian Standard (s).


Manufacturers of any of 49 products notified in Compulsory Registration Order located in India or outside India can apply for the grant of Registration under Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS).


There are four basic pillars of BIS Licence

Manufacturer The BIS licence shall be granted to the manufacturers only not to the importers or the sellers. However, the importer can act as an Authorized Indian Representative on behalf of the foreign manufacturer and submit the application to BIS but the final licence shall be granted to the manufacturer only.

Manufacturing Address –If the same manufacturer having multiple factory locations for one product, then separate BIS licence shall be required for each location.

Product –Each product needs separate BIS licence. However, if the same product having different models, then the same may be covered under one licence.

Brand / Trademark –Each Brand or Trademark need separate BIS licence.


Online submission of application- The applicants are required to fill the online application form for BIS Registration.

Testing of products in BIS approved Lab – The product sample drawn for testing in the laboratory as decided by the authority of the Bureau of the Government laboratory empanelled by the Bureau.

Offline submission (hardcopy) of application- The hard copies of the application form along with the documentation and the test report shall be submitted within 15 days of online submission of the application to the BIS office.

Scrutiny of application and Report by BIS officials- After the submission of the application, documents and the test report the BIS will scrutinize the applications.

Grant of Licence- The BIS licence is granted to the applicant within thirty days from the date of receipt of complete application and its recording. Registration is initially granted for 2 years which has to be renewed after every 2 years.


Total Time for BIS Registration will be approx. 30 working days, including testing time (15 working days) and BIS application processing time (15 working days).

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